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Chances Are, You’re Out of Compliance

Every year, 85% of companies are out of compliance with their volume licensing, leading to average true-up bills of $263,000. Between taking on new projects, supporting users, merging companies, random software updates, it’s easy to find yourself in a situation with overages and shortfalls across your licensing portfolio. Without proactive management, you’re at high risk of costly audits. According to Gartner, vendor audits increase at a rate of 60% year-over-year.

Don’t get slammed with a costly audit.

As a trusted multi-practice Microsoft partner, COMPAREX has worked with thousands of organizations all over the world to drive value through our SAM assessments and managed services. We offer specialized engagements designed to meet your needs.

Below is a list of our Value Engagements.

»» Baseline Assessment A SAM baseline review provides a complete view of your current Microsoft product deployments and licensing position. As a result, we will work to identify opportunities for improvement in areas like procurement, license optimization and management, and retirement. You will also receive a SAM Optimization Model (SOM) Assessment that serves as the foundation and guidance for implementing an effective SAM program.

»» Cloud Productivity Assessment A SAM Cloud Productivity Assessment is designed to support your business as you evaluate solutions for migrating your desktop environment to the Cloud. As part of the assessment, you will assess your cloud readiness and establish critical SAM policies and procedures to manage cloud and on-premises investments effectively.

»» Server Optimization Assessment A SAM Server Optimization assessment is designed to help you get more value from your investments by optimizing your Server environment. As your SAM partner, we will work with you to evaluate your current deployments, highlight potentially underutilized Servers, determine optimal usage and licensing scenarios, and define and implement critical SAM policies and procedures to manage investments effectively.

»» Infrastructure Optimization Assessment The Microsoft SAM Infrastructure Optimization assessment helps you select and prioritize your current server workloads and applications to transition to the Cloud while providing insights on the business, costs, and technology benefits. Data analysis also provides recommendations on how to optimize SAM policies and procedures to simplify your digital transformation strategy and implementation.

Strengthening Software Asset Management Whitepaper

Rapid business growth, mergers & acquisitions, and the sheer scope of software deployed across an organization have made it easy for companies to unintentionally experience licensing excess, shortfalls - or sometimes both. Learn how to reduce risk, complexity and cost through transparent software asset management and Managed SAM as a Service.


Reduce Audit Failure by 80%

In business more than 30 years and in 36 countries, COMPAREX has the legacy and expertise to support your software asset management (SAM) needs through our SAM2GO solution. Combining expert license and compliance consulting. ISO-certified and blessed by KPMG with a score of 200 out of 200 possible points, COMPAREX earned the 2015 SAM Partner of the Year award from Microsoft. The award, based in part on customer feedback, verifies that a holistic SAM solution will not only reduce audit failures by more than 80%, but will also bring audit response times down from months to hours, and help you proactively manage and optimize your technology infrastructure.

Consolidate & Save

The fact is, 85% of organizations are out of compliance every day. It happens. Things get out of hand with software sprawl, mergers, BYOD and so on. Don't risk a costly audit with a massive true-up bill. Work with COMPAREX to consolidate your licensing portfolio, monitor on-demand reporting of your usage and peaks, and get the best available pricing for your organization. Do it with SAM2GO.

Avoid Costly Audits

Talk to a Specialist Today

To identify ways to control costs, improve compliance and security and manage your assets from acquisition to retirement, contact COMPAREX today! You will be able to make more informed decisions to support your strategic business priorities now and in the future.