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Driving the digital journey

In many cases, finance is at the heart of company’s digital transformation strategy. Forces inside the company, or from outside, push towards better communication, automation and process improvements and technology answers the call. As organizations transform, the role of the finance group does as well, notes Jason Mackay, General Manager, COMPAREX Canada. “Through digital transformation, …

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HR and Digital Transformation: Coming Out Stronger

Digital transformation is disruptive and, like any form of disruption, human resources plays a key role in how organizations succeed at it. At the same, digital technologies themselves are changing the fabric of human resources. “The number one opportunity from digital technologies to HR is around change management,” says Jason Mackay, General Manager, COMPAREX Canada. …

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GETTING IT DONE- Step Aside Email: Microsoft Teams Is Taking the Lead in Business Collaboration

Erik Moll is a veteran in the tech sector and has sagely anticipated workplace change for years. He understands deeply how technology impacts our lives. Here, in the third of the ‘Geting It Done’ series, he shares his thoughts about Microsoft’s Teams. “Microsoft Teams will eventually surpass email as the top communications and collaboration platform …

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GETTING IT DONE. YAMMER: The Giant Sleeper of Office 365

Erik Moll, Director of Digital Transformation, brings his years of tech experience to highlight the immense but under utilized potential of Yammer. An early adopter, Erik saw the potential for collaboration and clarity in communication with Yammer. Thriving on sharing best practices, he offers his insights and tips. THE GIANT SLEEPER Even though Yammer’s initial …

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Digital transformation puts IT back in the driver’s seat

The role IT takes in organizations has evolved over the decades, as its influence on innovation and competitiveness ebbs and flows. In today’s era of digital transformation, IT once again find itself critical to business success, suggests Rene Nulsch, Head of Corporate IT for COMPAREX Group. It is, he notes, at the heart of organizations’ …

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