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5 typical SQL Server problems and how to get rid of them

Many IT administrators struggle repeatedly with similar problems when dealing with SQL Server. It’s time to put an end to this predicament! Frank Sander uses clear case examples to analyze the five most frequent performance problems and to demonstrate adequate solutions. A blog article by Frank Sander, SQL Server Consultant It’s only human to make …

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Erik Moll, Director of Digital Transformation sits down to share his best practices on all facets of technology, thus enabling others to increase efficiency and productivity. Much has been learned with over thirty years in industry but probably no lesson so profound as the importance of harnessing the full capability of technology. The payoff of …

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Cloud computing and data protection: Here is what you need to know

In an age of digitalization, the issues of cloud computing and data protection are extremely significant to almost every company. But many decision-makers remain concerned about security when migrating their data to the cloud. COMPAREX shines a spotlight on the trend of cloud computing, presents possible vulnerability scenarios, and takes Office 365 and Symantec as …

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ATP in Office 365 E5: What’s it all about?

These endless acronyms! Every company uses them, and the Microsoft universe is jam-packed with them as well. For instance we may encounter product acronyms like SPE and EMS or abbreviated features like the one used in today’s topic: ATP, or Advanced Threat Protection. It is a security feature in the Office 365 E5 Plan . Anton …

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