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Three Steps to Make the Most of Azure

Posted in Azure

Micrsoft Azure is a robust platform that can quickly go from your biggest asset to your biggest expense. When planning or managing your Azure environment, it’s critical to assess your buying options, analyze your spend and plan your roadmap for the future. Whether you are moving your on-premise infrastructure to the cloud or looking to …

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Microsoft Teams: What is it?

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced its latest collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams, which has now rolled out to Office 365 users worldwide. As Microsoft states, “With more than 85 million active users, Office 365 empowers individuals, teams and entire organizations with the broadest and deepest toolkit for collaboration. Office 365 is designed to meet the unique …

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Cloud Complete Support

Are you searching for security, manageability and support of your cloud-based environment? Cloud Complete is our answer to those needs and more! Cloud Complete offers a migration to the Microsoft Cloud, as well as Office 365 licensing and unparalleled security. Including options for data backup, custom intranets, enterprise-grade support, and more, our solution is flexible …

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Managing Your Cloud Migrations

A cloud migration can be a tricky thing. Do you migrate everyone at once? Go department by department? How do you ensure that all of your data is protected during this transition? And how do you take on this project while maintaining everything else your IT department has going on? Partnering with an organization that’s …

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Securing Your Company for the Future

New technologies and business processes are heightening security threats daily. Security risks are holding companies back from the full potential of new technologies and the evolutions they need to take. However, as threats evolve, so do the technologies to thwart them. According to a survey done by Forbes, “47 percent of executives and IT practitioners …

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