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GETTING IT DONE. YAMMER: The Giant Sleeper of Office 365

Erik Moll, Director of Digital Transformation, brings his years of tech experience to highlight the immense but under utilized potential of Yammer. An early adopter, Erik saw the potential for collaboration and clarity in communication with Yammer. Thriving on sharing best practices, he offers his insights and tips. THE GIANT SLEEPER Even though Yammer’s initial …

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Digital transformation puts IT back in the driver’s seat

The role IT takes in organizations has evolved over the decades, as its influence on innovation and competitiveness ebbs and flows. In today’s era of digital transformation, IT once again find itself critical to business success, suggests Rene Nulsch, Head of Corporate IT for COMPAREX Group. It is, he notes, at the heart of organizations’ …

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Inspire 2017 Highlights: Microsoft’s evolution continues

By Jonas Jasinskas   A lot of interesting news came out of Microsoft Inspire 2017 in Washington D.C. earlier this month, for partners and users alike. In many ways, it’s the culmination of how the company has been changing over the past few years under the leadership of CEO Satya Nadella. The clear message to …

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Creating a Strong Password in 5 Steps

Never before has it been so important to possess an essentially perfect password. The Bitkom Cloud Monitor 2017 shows that over 60 percent of companies use the cloud – and the trend is set to rise. But the problem is that highly sensitive data is also placed in a remote environment, of course, which might …

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Digital Transformation: People are critical

Operations is an area where the impact of digital transformation can be felt most sharply, and itself has a huge impact on the success of any business change. For COMPAREX, its own digital transformation journey has fundamentally contributed to its ability to operate globally, says Jason MacKay, General Manager, COMPAREX Canada. The company has used …

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New market growth takes experience and agility

Breaking into a new market demands good old fashioned know-how combined with the passion of a startup By Jason Mackay Going to market today is fundamentally different than it has been in any era in the history of business. This is even more true when setting down stakes in a new market. Early in my …

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