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About the Arnsberg District Council

The Arnsberg District Council is one of five administrative districts in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, serving approximately 3.6 million residents.  Nearly 2,100 clients and approximately 80 servers are available in the various agencies and locations throughout the administrative region. COMPAREX assisted the Arnsberg District Council to obtain a clear view of their software deployment footprint, in order to identify redundancies and find opportunities for cost-savings with procurement and use.

  • Arnsberg District Council planned to introduce annual software asset management in order to obtain a full and up-to-date license balance of software in use across all branches. One of the objectives was to identify potential areas where it would be possible to lower costs in terms of procurement and use. The real challenge here related to the complexity of the vendor software in use. It soon became clear that outside assistance would be required to fully meet this goal and remain legally compliant.

  • The district council already had a successful partnership with COMPAREX dating back several years, especially in the area of Microsoft technologies. COMPAREX’s SoftCare solution featuring the SAM2GO tool and dashboard was ideal, meeting all of the requirements and objectives laid out by Arnsberg District Council. The ACD can now view their compliance status with the click of a button, as well as lowering software costs by only maintaining the licensing they need.

  • “An institution that is responsible for maintaining law and order should also set an example in terms of how software compliance is organized. It takes complete dedication to achieve full compliance and legal certainty in this area. This is why we were quickly won over by the SAM2GO managed compliance service. We now have full transparency over our license status across all vendors at the click of a button. We have also eliminated unnecessary costs resulting from excess licenses and can rest assured that there will be no unpleasant surprises during audits,” says Christian Stuhldreier, IT Coordinator at the Arnsberg District Council

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