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COMPAREX Launches SAM2GO NextGen

COMPAREX launches SAM2GO NextGen, a New SAM solution focused on optimizing the management of SaaS- and cloud-based applications


  • According to Gartner, SaaS will reach 45% of total application software spending by 2021

  • As more organizations take a hybrid or cloud-first approach to licensing, SAM practices must evolve to effectively monitor and optimize the increase in SaaS application usage

  • COMPAREX SAM2GO NextGen helps organizations discover, obtain, manage and optimize their SaaS applications, providing a path to greater insights, increased security and lower total spend


Leipzig, Germany. 15 January, 2019 – COMPAREX, a global IT provider offering cloud services, licensing procurement and software asset management (SAM) solutions, has recently launched SAM2GO NextGen, a cloud-based, fully-managed technical SAM service platform that enables the efficient optimization of IT spend.

According to Gartner*, software as a service (SaaS) will reach 45% of total application software spending by 2021. As more organizations adopt a hybrid or cloud-first approach to licensing, managing software is becoming increasingly complex, and SAM practices must evolve to meet these new challenges. COMPAREX SAM2GO NextGen not only minimizes compliance risks, as are standard with any licensing model, but also helps organizations discover, obtain, manage and optimize their SaaS applications, providing a path to greater insights, increased security and lower total spend.

Through a global partnership with Snow Software, COMPAREX has incorporated Snow License Manager into the SAM2GO NextGen service offering, providing complete SaaS visibility, effective SaaS governance, cloud spend optimization and IT and business alignment.

“We’re thrilled to offer an advanced solution for the market’s evolving SAM needs, with a focus on the maturing segments of SaaS and cloud-based applications in our customers’ software portfolios,” says Product Manager Franz Schildberger. “While ensuring compliance will always be necessary, being able to control sprawling SaaS costs and maintain a holistic view of technology investments is the true marker of modern, optimized SAM.”

With COMPAREX SAM2GO NextGen, customers can easily identify how many SaaS solutions are actually in use and evaluate whether they are required by the user. By monitoring the number of available and assigned SaaS licenses through a streamlined dashboard, organizations can identify opportunities for reallocation or cancellation. Customers can also view their SaaS spend by provider and determine how many user accounts are inactive in a given timeframe, thus discovering areas for additional cost savings.

With the expansion of IT and cloud services, SAM has become a complex task for organizations. Many lack efficient processes for managing software overall, as well as the professional services for implementation, expertise for provider-specific license models, and the tools to continuously monitor software entitlements and enable swift adjustments to meet changing requirements. Some companies overpay for licensing, owning too many that go unused, and others possess insufficient amounts and run the risk of high fines due to software provider audits. With COMPAREX SAM2GO NextGen, organizations are always certain of their license compliance status and are supported by experienced licensing experts, helping to minimize the security risks from shadow IT, keep control of their budget and eliminate wasted spend.



 As a global IT company with 30 years of experience, COMPAREX is one of the world’s leading IT service providers and the top software license-management company in the EMEA markets. COMPAREX develops innovative services that support management and leverage software products, leading to an overall improvement of workforce productivity. COMPAREX serves corporate customers spanning from small businesses to large international corporations as well as public institutions, supporting every customer during his or her digital journey towards productivity optimization.


The COMPAREX portfolio has a solid foundation in license management, software procurement and cloud services. Substantial professional and managed services complete the portfolio to support customers with services tailored to their business demands.


With the statement “By your side in a digital world,” COMPAREX underlines its goal to inspire customers with possibilities and opportunities for their digital transformation by addressing key customer priorities. The COMPAREX Group employs more than 2,450 people at over 80 locations in 35 countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas. In the fiscal year 2017/18 the COMPAREX Group generated a revenue of €2,533 million, equivalent to $2,965 million.


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