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Four Ways the Cloud Increases Collaboration

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As organizations move to adopt cloud technologies, their employees gain a multitude of benefits, including access to cloud-based tools that enable faster, more accurate and more productive collaboration among their teams. According to a recent Gartner report, collaboration among employees decreases in organizations that make little effort to modernize their systems. At the same time, with the rise in employee demand for BYOD, collaboration applications that don’t have a mobile component can fail in user adoption. It’s imperative that your business keeps up with the essential software and hardware needed to support today’s mobile, connected workforce.

Office 365 Improves Team Collaboration

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Some of the Office 365 collaboration programs

Office 365 combines industry-leading data security and storage options with applications like Skype, OneDrive and Yammer that promote collaboration and communication within your team. Products like the Surface tablet make it easy for employees to work on the go, seamlessly moving from desktop to tablet and back again. When your team collaborates effectively, you win. Using Microsoft’s applications and hardware, these are four simple ways to improve your team’s collaboration with the cloud:

  1. Improve Communication and Culture with Yammer.

Microsoft’s enterprise social network, Yammer, is not Facebook. It is not Twitter or Myspace (for those old enough to remember), or any of the new social apps your teenagers may have on their phones today. It’s a social platform for employees in the same organization* to connect with one another, share mutually beneficial information, engage with other departments, and more. In our company, we have Yammer groups for each department, as well as groups for cross-functional collaboration. If a Key Account Manager needs to ask someone on our Licensing team a general question, they post it to that specific Yammer group. Once the Licensing team members answers it, all other KAMs can see the response and learn. *External Yammer networks can also be created that include employees from multiple companies.


Yammer dashboard

  1. Work Together Across Geographies with Skype for Business:

Maybe you remember when Skype first came out, before it was part of Office 365. You might have used it to videochat with your niece or talk to your brother in Florida „in person.“ Skype for Business is now part of Office 365 and integrates seamlessly with other applications like Outlook. A Skype meeting or call is simple to start, easy to use and makes keeping in touch across the world a breeze. Make your weekly meetings more productive by sharing your screen with your team – in real time – so you can work together on a project. Record the call with one click so that an employee on PTO can catch up later. Send a document to your colleague directly in the chat box. The ways that Skype can improve communication and collaboration are seemingly endless and we find new ways to capitalize on this tool every day.

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Skype for Business meeting

  1. Find the Best Mobility Solution with Office 365 + Surface tablet.

The Micorsoft Surface Pro 4 (and the rumored soon-to-be-relased Surface Pro 5, coming October 2016 ) is packed with power and is one of the best, most fully-integrated collaboration mobile hardware devices for business on the market today. Microsoft‘s mature suite of Surface devices easily challenges even the most loyal Apple iPad/Macbook users, as it‘s proven to be been an easy, natural switch for them.

The Surface Pro 4 is faster and more powerful than every before, and now has a ton of competition copy-cats trying to out do it.  But the real power of the Surface Pro 4 is the seamless integration with ALL mobile cloud collaboration platforms and services, especially Office 365.  The professional advisors at  Avisolve are the Surface Pro experts. Avisolve, in partnership with COMPAREX, are your trusted advisors, guiding you through the process of choosing the best Surface device and cloud collaboration path for your organization to ensure that your team fully adopts your collaboration tool investment.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4

  1. The End of Emailing Documents: File Sharing via OneDrive for Business.

How many times have you searched your mailbox for the latest version of a project, only to never be entirely sure if it’s truly the most updated? Waste time no more. OneDrive for Business, part of Office 365, provides each of your users access to 1 TB of storage – likely more than they’ll ever need. By saving all of your files to cloud-based OneDrive, you can access them anytime, anywhere, and on any device, whether it’s your phone, your Surface tablet or your desktop. You can also securely share your files with your team while maintaining control over who can see and edit each file.

onedrive for business

OneDrive for Business across all devices

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