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Changes are Coming to the Way you Buy Microsoft Azure

Did the hairs on your arms just stand up, or maybe you suddenly feel a headache coming on?

Yes, we hear you, “Another Microsoft Licensing change?!”

We are here to help reduce the confusion.


On January 10th, 2019, Microsoft announced a new Licensing agreement specifically for procuring Azure – Microsoft Customer Agreement.  This new agreement will be available starting in March/April 2019 and has been created to replace the Azure only Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE) and Azure on your Desktop Enterprise Agreement.

Starting August 2019, you will no longer be able renew or to sign a new an Azure-only SCE or add new Azure services to a current Desktop Enrollment.


What is the Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA)?

  • Perpetual contract that does not expire
  • Completely Digital Agreement
  • Used for Azure purchases in a pay-as-you-go model
  • Direct Agreement with Microsoft
  • Supported by Microsoft Inside Sales team

How do I know if I am affected?

  • Any customers who have procured Azure on an SCE without additional products will not be able to renew after August 1st 2019
  • Any customers with Azure on the Desktop Enterprise agreement will not be able to add additional Azure products after August 1st 2019
  • New Azure Agreements; SCE and EA will not be available

If you are in one of the above agreements, Microsoft Inside Sales will be reaching out to you to discuss the Microsoft Customer Agreement.

How am I supported if I am in an MCA?

The Microsoft Customer Agreement is supported by the Microsoft Inside Sales team. It is a direct agreement and does NOT include a partner. Partners will not have access to any of the Azure portals and therefore will be unable to support you regarding consumption, usage or technical difficulties.

Do I have Options?

YES! You are not required to sign an MCA. You can also consider a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Agreement.

“CSP is a great chance to collaborate on your way to Azure. COMPAREX as an Azure Expert MSP has the tools, skills and own offerings you need. We can support you migrate, manage and support your Azure environment. Always living our motto <By your side in a digital world>” Bernhard Lindner, Business Development Manager, Modern Licensing at COMPAREX.

What is a Cloud Service Provider Agreement?

A Cloud Service Provider Agreement is a monthly purchasing agreement between your organization and the partner of your choice with no minimum commitment. You can choose to be billed Monthly in arrears, or by doing an annual commitment upfront, which is an option only provided by COMPAREX. Invoicing will come from your CSP partner. Your partner will be able to support you with managing consumption and usage, as well as provide technical support through managed services offerings. Learn more about CSP

What’s Next?

Contact your partner, or COMPAREX to discuss your options, and your business needs.

COMPAREX offers a wide range of consulting services and managed services to support our customers with their datacentre transformation.

Authorized as an Azure Expert MSP by Microsoft, we underwent a thorough assessment with Microsoft to ensure that we are the right Azure partner.

The result:

COMPAREX possesses extraordinary expertise.
COMPAREX helps customers succeed.
COMPAREX invests in advanced support.
COMPAREX has proven employees, processes and technology.

We are Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP)

We are focused on the key elements

IT is fast and complex. We take on that which prevents you from controlling your IT and running your processes efficiently.

We help you put your best foot forward
We increase your capabilities so you can get the most out of Microsoft Azure.

We play it safe
Our sophisticated assessment and migration services move your on-premise applications, data and infrastructure securely into the cloud.


Join us in February in Mississauga, Toronto or Montreal, as we take Azure to the road with Erik Moll. 

Join our expert Erik Moll, the Global Microsoft Pre-Sales Expert of the Year, for breakfast, where we will discuss:
  • The impact of the SQL & Windows Server End of Support deadlines and your options for transforming these workloads
  • Capabilities of Azure for accelerating innovation, delivering greater flexibility and reducing operating costs
  • Best Practices to make the most of your investments in Azure with Cost Controls and Governance

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