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Microsoft Volume Licensing

Microsoft Volume Licensing agreements simplify application deployment, provide flexible acquisition for user growth and result in substantial savings for organizations with five or more employees. However, they can be complex to navigate. COMPAREX untangles the intricacies so that you know your business is covered today and in the future. Find out which agreement is right for your organization below.

Microsoft Volume Licensing Options

  • The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) streamlines license management by combining cloud services and a software agreement so you have one less thing to manage. Flexible enrollment allows you to add or adjust users, devices, products and services at any time without having to place individual purchase orders and account for changes through the annual process.

  • The Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) is comprehensive. It simplifies Microsoft Volume Licensing by combining all applicable terms and conditions in the current Microsoft Business and Services Agreement, Microsoft Select Plus Agreement and the Microsoft Online Services Agreement, saving you time on administrative tasks.

  • Microsoft Open Licensing is for small businesses that want to make licensing procurement simple and predictable.  A one-time payment buys you unlimited rights of use for Microsoft software for a two-year period. By adding Software Assurance, you can relax knowing you’ll always have the most up-to-date software during your agreement.

Microsoft Volume Licensing Programs

Number of users/devices
250 and more
500 and more
5 - 250
Software Assurance (SA)
Agreement Term
1 year minimum
3 years
2 years
Cloud Services
On-premise software
Flexible Payment Schedule
Pricing per Product Pool
Pricing per User
Pricing per device
Pricing per License and Software Assurance

Microsoft Volume Licensing Programs

  • Ideal for 250 or more users/devices
  • Software Assurance is optional
  • Agreement term: 1 year
Open Licensing
  • Ideal for 5-250 users/devices
  • Software Assurance is optional to add and included in some cases
  • Agreement term: 2 years

The Microsoft Server and Cloud Enrollment is a licensing vehicle under the Enterprise Agreement.  It enables organizations to standardize on one more Microsoft Server and Cloud technologies, includes automatic access to Windows Azure, provides a strong foundation to support accelerated Cloud adoption and helps customers reduce costs and increase business agility.

Find the Ideal Structure for Your Needs

Our Microsoft-certified licensing experts are here to determine the best program for your needs. Contact us today and we’ll help you figure out which structure makes the most sense for your organization.