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It‘s time to Modernize!

Data is the lifeblood of modern organizations and it is growing fast! Traditional backup solutions have evolved to treat the cloud as an endpoint, or static storage destination, similar to disks or tape. While this approach is simple, it is limited and doesn’t take full advantage of an underlying cloud platform, which translates to an expensive, inefficient solution. Other solutions are expensive because you end up paying for the wrong type of storage, or storage that you don‘t need. Other solutions are often inefficient because they don‘t offer you the type or amount of storage you need, or administrative tasks require too much time.
Azure Backup replaces your existing on-premises or off-site backup solution with a cloud-based solution that is reliable, secure, and cost-competitive. Azure Backup is the Azure-based service you can use to back up (or protect) and restore your data in the Microsoft cloud. Azure Backup replaces your existing on-premises or off-site backup solution with a cloud-based solution that is reliable, secure, and cost-competitive.
»» Scale Quickly with Capacity:
Manage Data Growth while lowering deployment & management costs
»» Simplified Backup and Data Archive:
Improve productivity by spending less time managing and maintaining on-prem storage infrastructure and software
»» Protect IT Systems:
Achieve low RTO/RPO targets for every major system in your organization simply, and cost effectively
»» Unify Data Management, security and protection:
Secure your data with industry leading protection from encryption features
»» Ensure Apps work:
Fail over Apps with automated recovery plans in a matter of hours rather than weeks or longer
»» Test at any time:
Test business continuity plans, or run dev-test copies of production workloads
Traditional backup solutions are limited to the capacity of the storage media being used to store the backed-up data. This is not the case with cloud backups which are scalable, growing capacity effortlessly as your data increases. Not only do cloud backups scale as you grow, the need to plan capacity, as is the case with traditional backup solutions, is negated.

Where to Start?

With Azure backup solutions, you can protect your data and applications to avoid costly business interruptions and meet compliance requirements.
Securely extend your on-premises backup storage and data archiving solutions to the cloud—reduce cost and complexity, and achieve efficiency and scalability.

Even a minor outage can put you at a competitive disadvantage.
Be ready with a business continuity plan that includes disaster recovery for all your major IT systems—without the expense of secondary infrastructure.

With an increase in security breaches and cyber-crimes, companies are rightfully concerned about the security of their data in the cloud. Stay protected with Azure security.

Azure Expert MSP

Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider

As customers move to the public cloud with increasing pace, they need a partner with a deep level of cloud expertise and experience to guide them. COMPAREX has been selected by Microsoft as an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider. The program certifies the most qualified Azure managed services providers in the world and attests to their capacity on providing advanced cloud management support. With this certification COMPAREX is your partner to manage all cloud environments.

To discuss how to Modernize your Backup and Disaster Recovery Strategy, contact COMPAREX today!