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Navigating Azure: Move into the Next Generation of SQL and Windows Server


With Microsoft Azure you have the cloud services needed to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network. Realizing this full potential however places demands on your business to ensure the right capabilities are in place to embrace an agile new future.
Moving into the next generation means diving deeper into Azure. End-of-life dates for SQL Server 2008/2008 R2 and Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 are fast approaching. If your company is using one of these servers, it’s time to consider how to proceed before end of support hits, or you’ll be operating at your own risk.
Now is a good opportunity to put your existing infrastructure to the test and properly orient it for the future.
Join our expert Erik Moll, the Global Microsoft Pre-Sales Expert of the Year, for breakfast, where we will discuss:
  • The impact of the SQL & Windows Server End of Support deadlines and your options for transforming these workloads
  • Capabilities of Azure for accelerating innovation, delivering greater flexibility and reducing operating costs
  • Best Practices to make the most of your investments in Azure with Cost Controls and Governance

ALL Attendees will receive a FREE Azure Assessment and a chance to WIN 3 FREE months of our Azure Managed Services*

Locations and Dates:

Thursday February 14th; 9am – 10:30am
One King West Hotel – Chairman’s Boardroom
Thursday February 21st; 9am – 10:30am
Microsoft Montreal Office
Tuesday February 26th; 9am – 10:30am –
Microsoft Meadowvale Room 1A32

Why Should You Attend?

How to proceed after the end of support is a strategic decision. It is worth considering the approaching deadline (July 8, 2019 for SQL Server ‘08/R2 and January 14, 2020 for Windows Server ‘08/R2) as an opportunity to modernize and set the course for the future. Moving into the next generation of SQL and Windows Server brings you into Azure and a whole new world of capabilities.
Additionally, to ensure that you are set up for success in the cloud requires an understanding of management and governance knowledge from the beginning. We will walk through best practices and share our expert insights.

COMPAREX – A Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider

As an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider and Global Microsoft Gold Partner in Cloud Platform, COMPAREX is a trusted and reliable partner to work with. We can help you with everything from strategy and operations to user training.
With deep expertise in the Azure platform, our services introduce greater cost effectiveness into your IT portfolio and unlocks your innovation potential in order to drive new revenue for the business.



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