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Simplify Software and Save with SoftCare

Software Asset Management is critical to almost every line of business. Unfortunately, most organizations don’t realize the impact it has until it’s too late. That’s why working with a partner is essential to staying compliant, reducing costs and avoiding costly audits. COMPAREX SoftCare is our award winning three-step methodology designed to consolidate your licensing portfolio, guarantee the best pricing, and simplify software purchasing.

Available SoftCare Programs

  • COMPAREX SAM2Go inventories and categorizes your licensing portfolio in order to recognize redundancies, overages and cost-saving opportunities. As a managed service, SAM2Go offers on-demand reporting on deployed vs purchased licensing as well as quarterly reviews for on-going budget reconciliation, compliance checks and software consulting.

  • With daily currency fluctuations, the cost of licensing changes constantly, making it nearly impossible to keep up with. With our proprietary Dynamic Global Sourcing database, you’re guaranteed the lowest obtainable cost world-wide on your all of your licensing needs. And with our OpenBook policy, we provide full transparency on our software pricing by allowing you to audit us annually.

  • COMPAREX removes the burden of managing licensing internally. Every SoftCare client has a dedicated team committed to managing our clients’ software portfolio relationships, agreements, programs and pricing. Our seasoned personnel act as a “one-stop-shop” for all of your software licensing needs. Additionally, our proprietary portal, COMPAREXonline, makes it easy to streamline the licensing procurement process.

Gain Insight into Your Licensing Spend

SoftCare is a managed service that reduces the risk, cost and complexity of software licensing. Our proprietary tools and process ensures that your organization is not over-spending or under-utilizing on your software investment.


Manage Your Investment with SoftCare

COMPAREX is Microsoft's 2015 Partner of the Year in Software Asset Management. Contact us to learn more about how to get SoftCare working for your organization.