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Three Steps to Make the Most of Azure

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Micrsoft Azure is a robust platform that can quickly go from your biggest asset to your biggest expense. When planning or managing your Azure environment, it’s critical to assess your buying options, analyze your spend and plan your roadmap for the future.

Whether you are moving your on-premise infrastructure to the cloud or looking to maximize your Azure investment, companies must always be evolving their strategy to increase control and reduce cost. Three steps that you must take to ensure a winning Azure strategy include:

  1. Assess – Make sure you understand how your existing infrastructure maps to Azure. Understand network policies, dependencies and man hours. Determine which workloads are best suited to the cloud, and in which order it‘s best to migrate them.
  2. Manage – Management is not just making sure the application is running efficiently or your data is adequately backed up, but it’s managing the amount you’re spending on the cloud. It‘s important to mitigate risk rather than be reactive. If already on Azure, make sure you start validating your Azure usage and only utilize Azure services that complement your architecture.
  3. Consult – Moving to Azure should never just be shifting architecture. It‘s necessary to have a roadmap of current and future deployment plans in order to fully utilize Azure. These planning activities will help you right-size your investment, to continuously ensure that Azure remains a positive asset to your organzation.

Here at COMPAREX, our Unified Cloud Management (UCM) for Azure solution helps organizations determine the best way to move forward with Azure. Using a methodical approach, our team of experts assist with the architecture planning, deployment and optimization of customized cloud-based solutions. By managing all of your on-going cloud needs – from email migrations to disaster recovery plans and everywhere in between – we help you maintain control and cost of your investment.

To learn more about how we can help you make the most of your Azure investment, feel free to reach out to us today or attend one of our next educational webinars.

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