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Help your organization grow with Office 365

Has your organization made the switch to Office 365? Have you thought about the following matters:

  • Keeping up to speed on the Office 365 platform (about 200 new features per quarter)?
  • Are the 500+ configuration settings compliant with new GDPR legislation? 
  • Is your SLA in line with Microsoft’s standard SLA (72 hour response)?
  • Adoption of Office 365 to help your employees work more effectively?
  • Monitoring the Office 365 environment?
  • Do you have insight who uses what and do you not pay too much?

Getting It Done in the Modern Workplace

Harness the power of Office 365, and discover how this productivity platform and Microsoft Teams are revolutionizing team collaboration and communication in the workplace.


Facing Your Challenges – COMPAREX Unified Cloud Management

What are the challenges you are facing with Office 365? We want to understand and discover the unique needs and requirements of your organization and address any questions or concerns about your solution. Besides the “Onboarding” the COMPAREX Unified Cloud Management service is available in the following three modules – select the services, that are most important to your organization:

Your Unified Cloud Management Modules at a Glance

  • We will Plan & design your Office 365 strategy; Mail migration with availability assurance of on-premise infrastructure.

    Onboarding is included in all three modules

  • Ensures Office 365 & business critical applications are always taken care of

    • Unlimited 24*7 support with escalation path to Microsoft
    • Quality assurance by proactive reviews of audit reports
    • Office 365 Service Health Monitoring to reduce downtime
  • Increase business productivity & efficiency

    • Enable employees to do more in less time
    • Workload monitoring for planning adoption roadmap
    • Effective change management of new features
    • Live webinars & on-demand online training platform
  • Improve Availability

    • Full management of all Office 365 workloads
    • Change mgmt. for more than 500 configuration options

    Increase Security

    • Manage role-based access control
    • Align configuration to company security and company guidelines

    Optimize Costs

    • Workload & license usage reporting
    • Historical data for planning prognoses
    • Reduce administrative efforts and ticket costs

COMPAREX Unified Cloud Management for Office 365

Your control panel – the Unified Cloud Management dashboards

The dashboards help you to control the management of your Office 365. As part of the support module, for example , the Service Health Monitoring Dashboard offers complete transparency of the Office 365 uptime by reporting:

  • Response times per workload
  • Number of failures per workload
  • Duration of the outages

Office 365 adoption dashboard

As part of the optimization module, this makes it possible to get the most out of your cloud investment and your users recognize the productivity benefits. The dashboard:

  • Identifies areas of license optimization
  • Analyzes communication technologies to improve communication between departments
  • Uses proactive user approach to increase adoption

Your COMPAREX Service Manager guarantees customer satisfaction

 Your  COMPAREX Service Manager is your single point of contact. Establishes a long-term strategy that fits your business objectives, sets up your Office 365 migration plan, takes the lead of the team to solve problems, regularly keeps track of the results and progress, delivers monthly reports, etc.

 Take advantage of our Microsoft competencies

The starting point of COMPAREX is not only to help your organization deploy new solutions and workloads, but to be your trusted partner throughout your cloud lifecycle .

>> High expertise in the implementation & management of Office 365: More than 12 million Office 365 seats sold, 500+ implemented implementations, More than 5 million mailboxes migrated

>> Licenses are our core competence: with more than thirty years of experience and knowledge in license management COMPAREX is one of the most respected and experienced Microsoft Cloud partners

The IT Guide to Microsoft 365, the Universe and Everything

Technology and the cloud are ever-changing, expanding and accelerating at rapid speeds. It’s tough to keep up, but don’t panic. The guide is here to move you effortlessly through your journey with everything you need to know about Microsoft 365, from seamless implementation planning and guaranteed adoption tactics to launching your own digital transformation. Buckle up. You’re about to embark on a life-changing (well…business-changing) journey.

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Unified Cloud Management

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